How to Have the Most Organized Year of Your Life!

Do you find that your year goes by so quickly and before you know it the year is over? Do you feel like you’ve accomplished nothing in a year’s time?

You don’t have to squander another year. Just follow the ideas below for a better and bigger year. The key is to have a plan.

The best time to plan and set goals of the new year is at the beginning of the new year, but you can do this any time – it doesn’t have to be in January. All of the same tips & strategies will apply no matter when you start.

I’m going Calendaring!

I have all of my calendars out, along with school calendars, birthdays, vacations, holidays, city events etc… and adding them to my calendar.

I was inspired to do this from one of my podcast guest last year on episode #7 Jodi Vanderhoof. She plans everything on her calendars. She talks about it on the show. It’s a must-listen. 

Then just a few days ago I ran across a great video on calendaring. Click HERE to check it out. 

Just like the couple in the video the mister and I used to set a date after the new year to plan, dream and set our calendars. It was so much fun but somewhere along the way we let that go.

This year we are picking it back up and making things happen in 2017! We will set our focus on big things too during this meeting of the minds & calendars.

Goals in all of these areas need to be addressed during this time:

  • Financial
  • Spiritual
  • Family
  • Health
  • Career
  • Personal
  • Relationship
  • Vacation

Don’t forget to bring all of your other calendars to the meeting. This meeting doesn’t have to be with a spouse; you can have a meeting for one. Set aside a time to sit with your calendars, digital and paper, and add all of those important dates. Big things first.

Don’t forget to add birthdays, anniversaries, school events, parents' days at college, vacations, date nights, girlfriend time, and book club dates. All of these are important to us and if we don’t add them in now, time will slip away and it won’t happen. But this year we are armed and ready! 

Take advantage of the time you have now and make next year your best year ever.