Rising Stories Podcast Episode #71 Jandra Sutton

My guest for episode 71 is Jandra Sutton. Jandra is a young adult fiction author with a passion for traveling and higher learning. Wanting to see a book where the main character was deaf and not finding one, Jandra decide to write one herself. I enjoyed hearing her tenacity and passion to go after what she wants to see happen in her life and this world. Nothing is stopping this gal. We also talk about how she is reaching her audience with the latest online outlets & tools. In this podcast interview, Jandra shares about taking risks and how she sat with Heads of State at the 2012 NATO summit.

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Her young adult ebook Fragile is on sale for only .99 cents, offer ends September 22, 2017

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Her three favorite things:

1. WattPad

2. Bullet Journaling

3. Weightlifting

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