Rising Stories Podcast #90 Lily C. Hansen ~ Word of Mouth: Nashville Conversations

My guest for Season 2/Nashville Series is Lily Clayton Hansen.

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Lily is an author and the owner of Word of Mouth Conversations Publishing. Her book Word of Mouth: Nashville Conversations is a wonderful coffee table book with interviews and portrait photography featuring the movers and shakers of this city. A great gift for anyone who loves this city. 


Lily is working on her second book and at air time has an exhibit in the Nashville International Airport. In this episode Lily and I chat about her interview process and the unique place that she calls home. Find out what she discovered about Nashville after living in London for three months last summer. 


Lily is a great business women who has a great work ethic and staying power beyond her years. She has found her place in the writing world and now this world is loving her back. 


Purchase her book here: Word of Mouth: Nashville Conversations

What Lily is reading: Working:People Talk About What They Do All Day and How They Feel About What They Do by Studs Turkel  

 Her favorite place to eat: Pinewood Social


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