Rising Stories #123 Tilly Dillehay - Overcoming Envy So it Doesn't Poison Your Relationships

Do you struggle with envy or are you always trying to chase off jealousy from your mind? If so, then this show will certainly hit home and could help you kick the teeth out of envy & jealousy.

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Today on the show I am talking with Tilly Dillehay who has written a book called Seeing Green: Don’t Let Envy Color Your Joy,  she also blogs at While We Wait. On the show, Tilly and I talk about envy and what we can do about it when it rears its ugly head in our lives. Tilly tells us about how envy almost ruined some important relationships with her family members. Listen to hear her advice on how to remove envy from your thought and what you must do to keep it at bay. 

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