Rising Stories #56: Kimberly MacNeill

Today my guest is an author who seeks to live out her faith in so many different ways throughout her life.  

Kimberly MacNeill is an advocate for women in her community and is one of those women who, when you meet her, you instantly want her to become your new best friend. We met while collaborating on an event for Women in the Workplace, which is both of our passions. Kimberly is the minister to women at a church here in the Nashville area and she is the author of Whispers: Transforming Words for Your Ever-Changing Life

Kimberly also speaks all around the country to women about going deeper in their Christian faith and their ever-changing life. Her story is different in that her speaking and teaching ministry came first and then she wrote her book. Listen as she speaks more about preaching & being an author. Here is my conversation with Kimberly MacNeill.

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