Rising Stories Podcast #101 - Tessa Robert owner of InJOy - Helping Mamas Out

Listen to my conversation with Tessa Robert owner of InJoy based here in Nashville TN. 

My guest for episode #101 is Tessa Robert. She saw a need and decided to start a business to fill that need. As working women (and everyone is a working woman) we need a little help from time to time. My next guest saw a need and decided to start a business to fill that need. Tessa Robert of Injoy. She is helping moms check off their to do lists and catch up on life. Tessa's InJoy assistants come into your home and spend anywhere from 2 hours to all day, checking off those things you can't get to. 


Today Tessa and I talk about when she started this business she needed another assistant immediately. This is a a great story of knowing your customers and filling that need. 


Tessa's favorite things: 


Katie Davis' book Kisses from Katie


Essential oils


Stainless Steel Straws

I bought these myself and they are awesome!


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