Rising Stories Podcast #105 Chef Stéphanie Bottreau : Cooking with Moments Full of Love


Chef Stéphanie Bottreau : Cooking with Moments Full of Love

Rising Stories Podcast #105 Chef Stephanie Bottreau : Cooking with Moments Full of Love.png


Most of you know about the passing of Anthony Bourdain, I watched him every chance I got because I loved to watch him fall in love with the food he was eating. Chefs have a way of seeing the heart and soul of people through their food. They are passionate people and I love talking with them. 

When I started this podcast I wanted to have conversations with chefs from all over the world. Today I am talking with Stéphanie Bottreou a  personal chef who lives in France. Stephanie and I talk about how she found her passion for cooking and food and how she started her company. 


Her new book with recipes is out now. You can get them Here

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