Rising Stories Podcast #121 Latina Equal Pay Day

Awareness to Action

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Today is a recognized day for women like me. It's Latina Equal Pay Day. A day to bring awareness to this inequality in the U.S. As the host of Rising Stories Podcast and Regional Leader for Lean In Tennessee, I want to share some data today from Lean IN.org on the pay gap for Latina women and the implications it has had on our futures and our families. 


Here are just a few calls to action provocations. 

  • Many Equal Rights Advocates are taking the lead on implementation and enforcement efforts related to the Fair Pay Act. Find out who they are in your city. 

  • Vote at this year’s election on November 6. 

  • Tell your representatives in Congress to vote for legislation that will close the Latina Wage Gap. 

  • Read and Share the LeanIn.org& McKinsey annual study Women in the Workplace

  • Support your Latina co-workers & friends (don’t have one, connect with me on LinkedInor Instagram)

You can also turn awareness into action by joining a Lean In circle and taking strides toward a more equal world. Lean In Circles are small peer groups that meet regularly to share ideas, gain skills, seek advice, and show solidarity. They're a place where women can be unapologetically ambitious. Being in a circle has allowed me to ask for what I want and to aim higher. I am supported by a whole world of powerful women. 

You can join our circle hereor by visiting Lean In org circlesto find a circle and network near you. 


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