Rising Stories Podcast #99 Krista Anderson - Her Story from Hospital Bed to CEO

Listen to Krista Anderson's story of battling stage 4 cancer all the way to becoming the CEO of her company Esstar. 


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What would you do if you were given just 3 months to live? Her cancer was progressing quickly, the mass was wrapped around her arteries, near her heart and pressing on her lung. "Inoperable" were the doctors’ words to her.

Chemo treatments left her in utter despair. But Krista Anderson believed that she would beat this thing. Not only did she beat it but she has since started her own company called Esstar, A Natural Food brokerage company. Krista tells us about her journey from hospital bed to now working with convenience stores nationwide to provide customers with healthy snack options.

Krista had a chance to meet Michelle Obama as part of the Healthier America partnerships. I met Krista in her home and we talked about her fight to wholeness. 


What she is loving: 

France & French Food

Bulletproof Coffee

The Snack Krista gave me is called

Barnana Organic Chewy Banana Bites, Dark Chocolate

App- Yelp

Her book: Claim Your Healing


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