Rising Stories Podcast #137 Friday Favorites: New York City Travel Tips

I am coming to you from New York City this week. I want to share some of my NYC tips for travel to this great city. Listen to hear my favorites and tips to give you an experience of a lifetime in the BIG APPLE. 

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Here are a few of my favorites to get you going on your trip. We went from mid morning til late in the evening! One of the top things to remember is that you must wear comfortable shoes. Unless you are going a short distance and are headed to a nice dinner, don’t wear uncomfortable shoes.


Laduree (Soho) for Macarons

Patzeria Family & Friends near Times Square (Italian)

Chelsea Market - Very Fresh Noodles - beef dish? Yum

BRGR for a great grass-fed burger & awesome onion rings

Times Square Diner on 8th for breakfast

Dos Caminos (mentioned in the show) off Times Square before or after a show.

Bagels at Ess-a-Bagel on 3rd.ave

Monarch Rooftop bar (city view) ****** Near Empire State Bldg.



Thrifting in Brooklyn on Bedford Ave & Metropolitan Ave

Thompson Street in SoHo for more thrifting and record stores

Zara in SoHo recommendation by my friend JenPro




Save Money by getting a Pass for many NYC attractions



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