5 Tips to Maintaining Productivity When We Spring Forward: 5 Tips to Maintaining Productivity When We Spring Forward:

How are you feeling with losing an hour of sleep to Daylight Saving Time (DST) yesterday? According to the U.S. Department of Transportation, Daylight Saving Time is meant to save energy, reduce crime, and reduce traffic accidents. I believe it is also to increase sales. More people will stop at a store after work if it is daylight.


Here are some ways to keep you productive this week and the weeks post time change. This will also keep your anxiety levels lower as you take care of yourself while staying productive.

1.Take naps. If you are not a nap person, try to close your eyes for a few minutes in a dark room. Set your alarm clock on your phone and rest your eyes. If you sleep great, if not then meditate and breath. This will help your body catch up to the time.

2. Be kind to yourself in the mornings. If you normally rush to work, take some steps the night before, to get things ready so that you can relax a bit before you have to leave for work. Find some hacks in your own schedule to give you some time back.

3. Plan something in the evening. Don’t fall asleep until your regular time each night. Keep moving! Stay alert and jot down your to do list for the following day. Check in with me every Sunday to get more productivity tips on Instagram.

4. Do not schedule important meetings early in the mornings for the first week of DST. Ease into the time change. This will keep your productivity level up if you don’t stretch your time too thin this week. Keep tasks that need your total focus and concentration to Tuesdays and Wednesdays until you adjust.

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5. Play focus music in your office or at your desk to help stay on task. Playing Youtube focus musicor music from Focus@Will in the background can help you power through your to-do list. Studies show that people who listen to this music finish their tasks more quickly and propose better ideas. FYI: Studies also show that the most productive times start at 10:01 am on Monday mornings. Recognize your peak hours so you can arrange your daily schedule around those times.

Finding ways to ground yourself to the new time change can help you stay productive, find your peace and keep your anxiety down. Be kind to yourself. Know that everyone else is making this same adjustment to their schedules. If you find yourself needing a life coach to help you further please sign up for a free 20 strategy session with me.