5 Ways to Have a Productive Summer: How the Working Gal finds More Time to Check off Her Summer Bucket


It’s Officially Summer!  Every year I make plans to squeeze out every last drop of these summer days. I need to be more productive at work so I can have extra play time. Here are 5 Ways to Have a Productive Summer. Get more time to linger longer by the pool and check off your summer bucket list.

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Seize the Dark Hours: Since daylight hours are priceless, start by getting those tedious chores around the house done before you go to work or after the sun goes down. Make it work for you, adjust your schedule to free up more daylight play time. Eliminate workday distractions: Remember your goal. If you keep your goal in mind for getting more play time, you can be more productive during office hours. Skip lunch and eat on the go if it means clocking off early.  

Plan for Fun: Summer Friday Plans are great incentives to light those productive fires at work. Power through your tasks and make sure you take small breaks. Use short breaks to check on those outdoor tickets, make a quick list of picnic items, plan your next summer weekend getaway. Set a timer. Keep it short and get back to the task at hand. Keep your bucket list full, list everything from great to small.  

Be spontaneous: Go ahead and take advantage of your free time. Ask three friends at the beginning of summer to be on your spontaneous call list. Agree to call each other for last minute summer fun. Knowing that if they can they will join in if possible. If one girlfriend can't make it go on down the list. Review your city's summer calendar and know what is coming up each week.

Eliminate those Distractions: Don't mess around, look at your day and remove anything that can be skipped or nixed. Set your timer when you need to work on something big. I like to listen to music that helps me focus. Make sure you get a good night's sleep and shut the door to stay on task. 


Keep your routines in place: Summer routines count more than other times of the year. Mostly because you want to be free from the mundane to spend on summer fun. Keep things in place, like menu planning, grocery lists, and choosing outfits for the week. Pack what you need for the next day on the night before. 

These tips should buy you some time and help you clear your head, make great plans and enjoy every week of summer.