Beach Packing Menus

When we go on vacation we rent a condo on the beach. We have done this for many years, since our little boy was toothless and his big sister was waiting for her two front teeth to come in. They now have all of their teeth, thank goodness. But we are still vacationing together.
Throughout these years I have tweaked a list of items that are needed for our week's stay.

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Corine Sandifer's Beach Packing Menus


Being that

A. I don't want to rush to the store to get essentials until mid week.

B. I don't want to pay beach resort prices for things that I can bring from home.

C Usually the supplies at each condo have been very minimal and not enough for a whole week's stay.

And so a beach packing list was born.

Some of these things you only need a few days worth, so why purchase  a month's supply at beach store prices, when you can bring just what you need, in small containers, from home.

This is  a great list that can be adapted to most condo rental vacations. The key is to plan your week's meals and to consolidate. I pack it all in a plastic storage tub and a small cooler. Here's how I do it.

Whether you are skiing, heading to the beach or hanging out in a rustic cabin, if you plan to cook at all or make any kind of meals in the kitchen, these items are a must. After you read this list, you may ask yourself, "Is she crazy? How am I going to pack all of this stuff and still have room for my clothes and beach chairs? The answer is in the TUB. I pack most of these items in a 30 gal plastic tub with lid. You would be surprised how much you can fit into one of these things.

Corine Sandifer Beach Menu Packing


In the Tub






old bay

italian seasoning

taco seasoning

a few rolls of toilet paper(I'm serious about not going to the store until mid week)

paper towels

paper plates

plastic cups

plastic utensils (when you take a small bowl of pasta down to the beach)


box of tissues

coffee filters/coffee/creamer/sugar

dryer sheets

laundry pods/or bag of detergent/liquid detergent in old squirt bottle or plastic container

clothes line with clips or small drying rack(for wet suits)

bar soap/or liquid soap pumps

clothes pins to close chip bags

dish detergent

dish soap

extra scrubber

a few small & Large ziplock bags (freezer ones hold up better)

extra trash bags ( since they take up little space I bring one for each day of our stay)

all-purpose cleaner wipes (once our condo had a glass table top that got gross after every meal)

big lighter (for grill lighting)

foil/parchment paper/muffin liners


all non perishable food items such as mac & cheese with cheese packets, crackers, can beans, non-melting candy, microwave popcorn, nuts, wine, pretzels, spices, salt, pepper, italian seasoning, pop-tarts,canned soups, Old Bay seasoning, rice mixes, pasta, cinnamon, sugar, oil, sugar, baking mixes (ie pancake, muffins, cookie),chips, taco seasoning

Corine Sandifer  Beach Menu Packing - Cooler


In the Cooler

Frozen lasagna for first night

Taco meat (cooked & frozen in quart size baggies)

Grilled chicken (seasoned, cooked & frozen in quart size baggies)

Cheese/sliced or shredded

3 sticks of butter(frozen)

Cooked bacon

Deli meat (just to get us through the first few days)

Here are some things I've taken in the past. Small container or milk, boiled eggs in a baggie, soup frozen in freezer bag, cooked pork chops frozen in freezer baggie and frozen alfredo sauce for pasta night. Do your research, if you can freeze it then do it and pack it.



Beach Gear


beach toys/sandcastle bldg items


aloe gel for sunburns


beach chairs

beach umbrella

floats/boogie boards/skim boards


Thought it might be helpful for me to post my beach menu for this year.

Saturday- lunch on road, dinner: Lasagna with raw veggies

Sunday- lunch:deli cheese, meat & crackers  dinner: at friends' house

Monday- lunch:Mac & Cheese with steamed broccoli  dinner: Nachos/Taco Salad (use taco meat)

Tuesday- lunch: soup  dinner: birthday seafood dinner out

Wednesday- lunch: quesadillas with any leftover taco meat or grilled chicken dinner: Pasta with salad or Pizza (take out or store-bought)

Thursday- lunch: sandwiches with chips and raw veggies  dinner: Indian chicken curry with rice and cucumber salad

Friday- lunch: leftovers or lunch out. dinner: catch of the day or buy shrimp to cook at home with baked potatoes and corn on cob.


I usually post a list of suggestions for all to see

Bacon, toast, pop-tarts, honey buns, boiled eggs, fruit, juice, oatmeal, granola, granola bars

If you would like to know what I pack to wear on the beach, check out my post on Beach Fashion Here.

Hope this has been helpful. I hope you have a great vacation and gain more time on the beach and less time in the kitchen.


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