Sunday Night Productivity List: Release the minors so you can major on the MAJORS!

“Most people fail in life because they major in minor things." - Tony Robbins

It’s time, to be honest with ourselves. We are carrying lots of junk and we are focusing on those minor things Day after day. Things take up space in our homes and also in our minds. I believe the average American home, at any given time, has at least 15 items that can be given away/thrown in the trash. Let's lighten our load. Let's remove those minors so we can major on the important things.

Sunday Night.jpg


Here’s your off-the-couch Sunday #productivity challenge: Grab a bag and go around the house or a concentrated place like your desk or closet, Junkdrawer and gather at least 15 items to release from your home and mind. Everything counts! Broken pens • wore out shoes • that cookbook you never open • old files • that top you tried on last week but immediately took off because you didn’t like the way you looked in it • dead plant you can’t revive. 


R E L E A S E  T H E M   A L L


Don't forget your on-the-couch 3 productivity to do's Don’t make it hard, just make it quick and easy. 


1️⃣Plan your meals

2️⃣Choose your outfits

3️⃣Do your brain dump before your head hits the pillow. (Write 3 to do’s or concerns on your mind)


For more on this subject please visit my latest blog post and watch the short documentary on the study of American homes. {click on the link in bio}


Check out this video on things, our home and how we live. So eye opening.