These are a Few of My Favorite Things

Each week I have a guest on the podcast and ask them what their three favorite things are and they share all kinds of things with me. This week I decided to start putting my favorite things down here because one I have at least three favorite things each week that I want to share with y'all and two I need to write them down so I don't forget them. 

The first one is Maybelline's Color Tattoo 24 hr Metal eye shadow. This one is in #70 Barely Branded. They have other colors but I love this one for highlighting and as a base. 

The next favorite thing is this awesome bath bomb I found at THE DOLLAR TREE! (Pretend my voice just went up high when I said this). On the Rainbow is the scent I bought. It is so fun. Try it. 

bath bomb.jpg


The last time is of course nail polish. I love me some good nail polish. Especially when its a new fall/winter color like this one. It's OPI and it is a great neutral color that can go with whatever you are wearing. It's $10.50 on Amazon but if you just buy one color for the Fall/Winter and maybe one for the Spring/Summer you are set. Plus you all know that using a gloopy nail polish at home or at the salon is not cool. Do something special for yourself and get this nail polish to add to your fall wardrobe!

That's it! If you are reading this, please leave me a comment here or on a post so I know that you liked it and want to keep going. Leave me a heart or thumbs up, not just a like but an actual something in the comment box. Thanks and look for the next ALL THINGS GOOD AND WISE post.