What are you doing with your last 90 days of 2019?

Can you believe we have less than 90 days left in 2019? When you reflect back on the year do you find yourself thinking that you should have done xyz? But guess what, it’s not too late. Join me as I participate in Rachel Hollis’ last ninety days challenge to do better before the end of the year. She has a FIVE TO THRIVE list that anyone can adapt in their lives anytime of the year.


The challenge is to grow in the areas that will get you healthy and help you be more productive. You know how I love that word PRODUCTIVE!

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Rach’s Five to Thrive

  1. Get up one hour earlier – and use this time for yourself

  2. Workout for at least 30 minutes

  3. Drink half your weight in ounces daily

  4. Give up one food category you know you shouldn’t be having

  5. Write down 5 things you are grateful for each day.

Here is how I am adapting the Five to Thrive this year

  1. I am getting up one hour earlier – I will be using this extra time to read my devotion, reflect on the day and drink some water.

  2. I plan to move for 30 minutes each day, even if it is just walking Bella a little longer to get my 30 min in.

  3. I will drink most of my water intake before 10 am and drink the rest before dinner.

  4. I am already giving up sugar, and most carbs/breads. So I will continue that during this time.

  5. This one is probably the hardest for me to do. But I have a gratitude book that my daughter gave me. So I will make a point to write my gratitudes each day in the book. I will do this at night before I go to sleep.

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