Rising Stories #40: Whitney Cantrell & Merrill Durham

Today on Rising Stories Podcast #40, I had the privilege of interviewing two ladies who started a unique business in the Greater Nashville area. They are the owners and founders of Nashville Doula Services.  Merrill Durham and Whitney Cantrell started their journey as doulas themselves. They soon realized that they could share this wonderful service and experience with more women if they expanded.

During our chat we talked about the role of the doula during childbirth, how they are being intentional with their time as business owners, and the importance of self-care. I was so impressed with their outlook on their partnership and how they balance family, friendships, and business. I know you will enjoy hearing their story. If you or someone you know is having a baby soon, tell them to contact Nashville Doula Services to find out more about these amazing ladies.

What they are loving these days:

Merrill – Mindfulness after reading Present over Perfect, Journaling & Art, Meditation/Self Care

Whitney – Her Ninja Coffee maker, Essential Oils diffuser (Motivate oil), and Hot Yoga

Their favorite apps & tools:

Google calendars , Dropbox and the Wonderlist app

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Music is by Ben Sound

Sponsor: Brentwood Life Coach