Rising Stories #41: Michelle Chalfant

My guest for Rising Stories #41 is Michelle Chalfant, a licensed therapist and holistic coach who uses a unique model, called the Adult Chair, in her work to help people live an authentic and empowered life.

“This model outlines for us what a healthy adult looks like and helps us to move into that 'chair' when we notice we are not.”

Also, you might have seen a few of her meditation videos on Facebook or YouTube. Michelle is also a fellow podcaster and writer, so we talk about how she runs her business and how she herself lives an authentic life. We met as two soccer moms and soon found our commonality in that we both coach and we both have podcasts. It was a very fun interview with my dear friend.


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Love Warrior by Glennon Doyle Melton

You Are the Placebo: Making your Mind Matter by Joe Dispenza

What she is loving: Her work, Kundalini Yoga, Being outside

Favorite Nashville Restaurant: Moto- M Street

Favorite App: Any.Do

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Music is by Ben Sound

Sponsor: Brentwood Life Coach