Rising Stories #47: Emmy Singer

My guest for Rising Stories Podcast episode #47 is Emmy Singer. Emmy and her husband have opened Inner Light Yoga, a yoga studio here in the heart of Nashville. Emmy and I chat about the steps to taking a dream and turning it into reality. She also talks about making a huge turnaround in her life after moving to California in 2015 to pursue her dreams.

One of our conversations centered around the time that she found direction and purpose after having lunch with a friend. Emmy also shares her word for the year with us and how it served her in opening her brick and mortar business.

Links from the show:

Things we both liked: Fixer Upper & Big Little Lies

Her Favorite Things: This is Us, walks with her husband & dog, cooking Italian food.

Favorite Nashville Places:

Battered & Fried

Tavern – M Street at Midtown - on the menu: Buffalo Cauliflower & Kale Salad.

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 Show Notes

Music is by Ben Sound

Sponsor: Brentwood Life Coach