Rising Stories #48: Victoria Kimble

My guest today is an author who writes books for the middle years. So if you have a son or daughter in middle school, this interview would be a great one to share with them. Victoria Kimble has written a four-book series called Choir Girls. On this podcast she shares her own story about the loneliest time in her life and what she turned to during that season. She also talks about who inspired her to write and what she loves about having lived a “vanilla life.” She’ll explain what that means in the show. I also find out that Victoria has another creative side I didn’t know about.

“Victoria spent her childhood reading and making friends with the characters in her favorite books. She never grew out of that. After many years of wondering, she decided it was time to write the stories she had always dreamed of writing. She hopes that her stories model an active Christian lifestyle, while feeding the insatiable sense of wonder and adventure that everyone has deep inside.”

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Book:   Soprano Trouble (Choir Girls, Book 1)

What Victoria is loving these days: LipSenseCurling Iron, Survivor TV show

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