Rising Stories Podcast #94 Kate Sbarra - Alexis+Bolt

Rising Stories Podcast #94 Kate Sbarra - Alexis+Bolt.png

For episode #94 I visited a curated goods and apparel store in the Germantown neighborhood of Nashville. Kate Sbarra is an Arkansas transplant who set her eyes on this area of town and opened this year's most talked about shop.

Alexis and Bolt is a boutique for men and women. I visited this place on a sunny afternoon and found not only a great store but a wonderful community and a savvy & down to earth owner! I am dead serious she is rocking it. 


Kate and I talk about how she found a great mentor that gave her some great advice and direction about opening her store. Kate shares more on finding the right fit with a mentor and the one thing you

don’t want to focus on when starting your first business. 


We also chat about our favorite restaurants here in Nashville, because we both love this city and the food scene. 


Butchertown Hall

Rolf & Daughters


What KATE is loving: 


Stemless Tumblers for Wine found at her store. (check out my instagram for the photo)




Planning her wedding. 


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