Rising Stories Podcast Episode #93 Jennifer Masley - EIO + The Hive - "One Body, One Life"

Hey Everyone, it's episode #93! My guest is a wellness entrepreneur Jennifer Masley. She is the owner of EIO & The Hive here in Nashville. Her motto and passion is summed up into these few words "One Body, One Life". 

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The EIO stands for Everything is Organic. Jennifer and her team make space for people to eat what they want in the healthiest way possible. There is something for everyone at this healthy restaurant. As I walked in for our interview I was served the most delicious Kumbucha I've ever had. The minute you walk in to this place your feel the stress melt away and you just want to sit and drink it all in. Jennifer and I talked about why bees & the hive are so important to her. We also chat about how we can all bring a little peace & goodness to our own dinner tables. 


App - Calm

Things she is loving:


The Prime: Prepare and Repair your Body for Spontaneous Weight-loss

Andrew Weil - 8 Weeks to Optimum Health

Face Oil by Ebb&Flow


The Southern Steak & Oyster

Fin & Pearl



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