Rising Stories Podcast episode #93 Keila Trevino & Brooke Allison - Scout's Barbershop Nashville, TN

Keila & Brooke chat with Corine

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Nashville Series Episode #92


Hey Everyone, we are back on track today with two gals who decided to start a business right here in Nashville. They are Keila Trevino and Brooke Allison. Two women who are making Nashville beautifully/ handsome one hair cut at a time. They are the owners of Scout’s Barbershop a Unisex barbershop and the only female owned & run barbershop in the city. 


It was fascinating to hear their story about why they chose Nashville to start a business. Listen as these two longtime friends tell us their philosophy on hiring, work/life balance & what makes their partnership work. 


Nashville Restaurants:

Rolf & Daughters  


ButcherTown Hall

Keila's favorite mascara - Pixie Mascara

Brooke's favorites- Amazon, Friends & Margaritas



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